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for Young Scientists

More than 25,000 young scientists from 80 countries have attended the Nobel Laureate Meetings since 1951. Each of them belong to the budding scientific elite of their respective countries, and have passed a multi-stage international selection procedure. Initially, interested young researchers submit their applications to the appropriate national co-operation partner of the Council and Foundation. This Academic Partner makes a preliminary evaluation and then puts forward a short-list of potential participants to the review panel of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. The Council workgroup then makes its final selection from this pool of Best Talents. Up to 1,500 profiles are examined for every Meeting and a selection of the best top 500 applicants received an invitation to attend the Meeting in Lindau.


A comprehensive programme awaits the participants at Lindau. Lectures by the Nobel Laureates and intimate rounds of discussions offer science of the very highest standard. Thanks to the open conference concept, questions relating to basic research are equally at home here as well as application-oriented themes. The events of the social programme offer further opportunities for the exchange of experiences and opinions with Laureates and other young scientists. The entire conference concept is designed to allow such encounters between the scientific elite of today and those of tomorrow, as well as to positively encourage and inspire them for the benefit of their own future research. The Lindau Meetings contribute to the establishment of international networks of scientific excellence, irrespective of political, religious or other barriers. These networks extend into the future and are sustained by an expanding alumni network.


Here are some impression of the 62nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, held 1 - 6 July 2012, dedicated to physics.

This assembly of brilliant scientific minds allows the scientific elite of today to educate, connect with and inspire the up-and-coming young talents of tomorrow.
Tony Tan, President of the Republic of Singapore and Member of the Honorary Senate

The Nobel Laureates and young researchers who met in Lindau in 2012 came from all over the world, but they had one thing in common: physics. Nature filmed five debates on issues that matter to the current generation of researchers. Is dark matter real? How can we solve the looming energy crisis? How is physics perceived by the public? Watch the trailer for a taste of the discussions and disagreements that emerged, and view the whole collection here.